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About Project Vino

Join people right across Australia and New Zealand in sharing your wine experiences and discovering new ones. Create your free profile here to take advantage of all the fantastic features below.

Manage Your Wine and Your Opinions

  • rate, review and tag/ wines you drink to track, share and discover new ones.
  • manage your cellar (big or small) then rate them as you drink them to see how they’re developing.
  • add wines to your wishlist so you can remember what to get for that special occasion.

Get Comfortable Talking About Wine

  • see what others say about wines you like and then add your thoughts to the mix.
  • learn about Australian and New Zealand wine regions and their best wines from our region review pages like this Hunter Valley one.
  • conqouer wine jargon with our comprehensive list of wine terms.

Drink Wine!

  • get automatically notified of wine tastings and events in your area.
  • join in for a Project Vino virtual tasting and drink wines with people right across the country.
  • check out your friends wishlist to have the perfect wine at the next party.

Share Your Wine Experiences

  • share experiences with friends by following their RSS feed on your news page.
  • find new friends in your area or across the country who love the same wines you do
  • keep friends privvy to your vinous exploits by sending them a link to you RSS feed

Discover Great New Wines

  • get customised recommendations for wines you’ll love.
  • browse Oz and NZ wines by Variety, Winery or Region.
  • search the database for a specific wine or a nifty combo like all 2001 Hunter Valley Semillons.