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The Best Indian Chef’s in Western Australia

Indian restaurant perthWestern Australia is home to many Indian restaurants and takeaways. But, which ones are the cream of the crop? Where will you find the best Indian chef, making the best Indian food? To narrow down your search, I’ve picked out the three best Indian chefs in Western Australia:

Maya Indian Restaurant And Lounge Bar

To start things off, we’ll go right to the coastline of Western Australia, into the town of Fremantle. In this town, you’ll find the lovely Maya Indian Restaurant & Lounge Bar. This restaurant is home to one of Australia’s top Indian chef. What makes their food so special is that they use free range, organic ingredients. The chefs also tend to try and use locally sourced ingredients when they can. Plus, most of the dishes are gluten-free as well. All in all, you get a wonderful dining experience and some food that’s not packed full of bad things. While there, make sure you try some of the chef’s specialities like the tandoori roasted chicken tikka. Of course, you need some of their fresh pineapple chutney on the side. And, they also offer some classic Indian desserts. It’s not often you go to an Indian restaurant for the dessert, but the ones at Maya may make you think twice!

Two Fat Indians

Two Fat Indians is the name of two restaurants in the Perth area. They’re widely regarded as the best restaurants and takeaways in this region. A big part of this is down to the chef and his extensive knowledge of traditional Indian cuisine. You won’t get any twists or modern variations on Indian food here. No, it’s all about the proper stuff. You’ll be sat at one of their comfortable tables and feel like you’ve been transported to India. There are loads of different dishes to choose from on the menu. You can get yourself a nice curry, and choose from various side dishes too. Some say that the chefs onion bhaji is so good you can almost eat them as a separate meal! If you’re after a true taste of India, this is the restaurant for you.

indian foodMetro Indian Restaurant

Finally, we take a trip to Subiaco for the last place on this list. Metro is a very popular Indian restaurant and serves delicious food, every day. The chef is renowned for his delicious curries and faultless naan bread. He’s also known for adding a modern twist to some of India’s most loved recipes. Sometimes, this can be a bad thing, but not in this restaurant. Every dish is full of flavour and offers a unique look at some classic dishes. The setting of the restaurant is also rather different. It’s nestled right in the heart of Subiaco nightlife and is a perfect destination for large groups. No matter what type of Indian food you enjoy, you can bet the chef will serve up a treat.


If you want the best Indian food, you need the best Indian chefs. All three of these restaurants can boast great food, cooked fresh in the kitchen. It doesn’t matter what dish you choose; it will always be delicious.